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Building bridges between communities

Eight Kings



Director: Vikramjeet Sinha

Vikramjeet Sinha is from the Delhi School of Economics with masters in social anthropology. He has done his art base therapy from the world Centre for Creative Learning. Poona. He is a clinical hypnotherapist from the Californian school of hypnosis. He writes, adapts and directs several plays for children in various schools across the country including schools in Kashmir and Manipur for dealing in trauma in classrooms in conflict areas. For sixteen years he has worked with children from the marginalised sections of society and children in social conflict and with lost childhood. Eight Kings is a play written and directed by him.


Actor: Farhad Colabavala

Farhad Colabavala is a thespian, entertainer, raconteur and founder of an entertainment house by the name of Mad Bawa which seeks to Make a Difference in the field of entertainment and social responsibility to make the world a better and happier place. Farhad has done his Masters in Economics and Management from St. Andrews, Scotland and Masters in Finance from Warwick Business School, UK. He is a product of the conservatory for actors at Yale. He has done over a hundred shows of plays in India and UK mostly in the lead role. Given his charismatic personality and acting prowess he is a natural crowd puller and is keenly pursued in the drama circuit. He also does stand-up comedy, has acted in viral serials and has hosted events for International brands. He is an avid sportsperson and also helps train the differently abled and under privileged children in society.

Author: Dhritabrata Bhattacharjya Tato

Dhritabrata Bhattacharjya Tato holds a Master of French Literature from Calcutta University and a M. Phil of Intercultural Relations from the Nouvelle Sorbonne – Université de Paris III (2004-2005). He has been a Fellow at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (French National Library, 2005-2006) and the Centre National du Livre (French National Centre for the Books, 2011-2012).He writes on art, spirituality, trends and current affairs in mainstream newspapers Times of India, Hindustan Times and Indian Express . He is also a columnist with Arts Illustrated, India’s premier magazine on art, design and architecture and a staff writer for Ashvarttha wellness magazine. He has authored Sufism: Its Spirit & Essence (Har-Anand Publishers, 2014), which has been critically acclaimed in North African countries. His upcoming book tentatively titled Nine Nights and A Million Stars based on the life and times of Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya encompasses his decade long research on Medieval Indian history.

Music Composer: Ketan Sharma

Ketan Sharma is a Delhi based music producer and is currently producing electronic music under the name “SuitStatic”. His unique approach to music production and composition comes from extensive training in Western and Indian classical music. As an artist his music has been signed to Silvana Recordings, a progressive house label based out of Germany. His releases are out on beatport, Apple music, Amazon etc. and have also been featured on radio stations internationally